The Fastest Way to

Dry Nights Awesome Mornings

take control of bedwetting today

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You are losing patience, frustrated and feel helpless.

The doctor said,
"Wait,  Most children grow out of bedwetting in their own time"Stop Bedwetting

without shame, gadgets, enemas, or catching the mess while you wait

Help is here, learn how to teach your child to enjoy dry nights

  • your child is over the wait 
  • wanting to go on sleepovers
  • wanting to have more control at night
  • asking for help 
  • you desperately want to help

I have found a way to help my clients and I am ready to help you

The Fastest Way to Dry Nights, Awesome Mornings
A guide for carers of children who wet at night

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JOSH enjoying dry nights

Watch video to find out how

Josh was dry 9 out of 10 nights after just one session learning self-hypnosis.

Watch this case study and find out how much fun this approach can be.

A proven approach

It is my mission to bring this approach to bedwetting to the world.

1 in 20 10 year olds wetting at night is too many to turn a blind eye and simply wait

Remove the shame, remove the anxiety without gadgets or invasive procedures.

A guide which introduces simple fun connective activities that empower a child in your care.


Action starts with the right mindset. We get you in the correct head-space from the start.

Step-by-step guides

No high-flying jibber jabber. This guide focuses on delivering results in easy to follow steps.

Dry Nights Awesome Mornings

The course comes with everything you need



Vibrant community

Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also become part of our vibrant community who are here to help and support you and everyone else on your journey.

The fastest way to Dry Nights, Awesome Mornings.

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    “This guide has not only changed my life, but the whole family is more at ease. This is so much more than a bedwetting course!”

  • On Target Hypnotherapy

    “I cannot overstate how great the results in following the simple steps in this course have been”

  • On Target Hypnotherapy

    “The community! Just... wow!”